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mission is not only to provide cheapest treatments by comparing prices or to
send our clients to touristic locations. We only suggest hospitals, doctors or
operations based on experience and feedback. The health and happiness of our
clients is at the centre of everything we do. 

we understand that making a decision involving healthcare can be stressful for
the patients and their families, we aim to work as transparently as possible to
make your experience go smoothly. We understand that finding reliable
healthcare providers can be difficult if you are not fluent in a language, that is where we come in. We search through
various providers and hospitals to make sure our clients get the best treatment
possible. We aim to help our clients before, during and after their



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mission is not only to provide cheapest treatments by comparing prices or to
send our clients to touristic locations. We only suggest hospitals, doctors or
operations based on experience and feedback. The health and happiness of our
clients is at the centre of everything we do. 

we understand that making a decision involving healthcare can be stressful for
the patients and their families, we aim to work as transparently as possible to
make your experience go smoothly. We understand that finding reliable
healthcare providers can be difficult if you are not fluent in a language, that is where we come in. We search through
various providers and hospitals to make sure our clients get the best treatment
possible. We aim to help our clients before, during and after their



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you would like further information


What Is EECP?

Some alternative medicine
physicians are recommending EECP as a natural bypass instead of open heart

External Counter Pulsation (EECP) is performed as a non-invasive treatment to
lower the number and intensity of
angina episodes. Treatment is administered through
three pairs of external inflatable cuffs that are applied around the lower
legs, upper legs and buttocks. These cuffs continuously inflate and deflate
between the resting period of the heartbeat and increase blood returned to the

 Description: Illustration showing pulsations in EECP treatment

basic principle of EECP treatment involves increasing the amount of blood
returning to the heart, which helps supply more oxygen
to its starved areas. With more oxygen available, the
heart can function much more efficiently and therefore reduce chest pain.

The treatment schedule includes 4 weeks of
continuous treatments, which require daily visits for two hours, Monday through

History of EECP Treatment

EECP treatment originated in China where it has been extensively
used since the 1960s.
In the past 10 years it has been introduced to the United
States, where there are currently around 1200 machines in operation. The idea
for EECP stemmed from the development of the intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP).
IABP resulted in increasing the amount of blood that can get pumped out of the
heart by inflating a balloon in the aorta between each heartbeat. Opening up
the aorta allows more blood flow and therefore decreases how hard the heart has
to work. This same theory is applied to EECP but is taken one step further.
EECP Increases the amount of blood going back to the heart, providing more
blood for the heart to work with. This also decreases how hard the heart has to
work but on a much greater scale, especially for people with damaged heart

Who Is Eligible for EECP Treatment?

are eligible for treatment if they have:

Had coronary artery bypass
(CABG) or stents placed in the coronary arteries with ongoing angina.

Had no prior bypass or stenting
but continue to suffer from angina

Who Should Not Seek EECP Treatment?

who should not undergo EECP include those with:


heart disease


Enlarged heart



fibrillation (Afib)


Clot in their body

Peripheral artery disease (PAD),
also called peripheral vascular disease (PVD)

Severe elevated blood pressure   

Heart rate greater than 120
beats per minute

What Are the Benefits of EECP Treatment?

Increased oxygen supply for the

Decrease in chest pain

Improved EKG response to

Decrease in nitroglycerin

Increase in energy

Increased exercise duration

Long term effects up to 2 years

In Turkey EECP treatment costs
around half of the price it would in UK.

Implants in Turkey


Description: Hollywood SmileDescription: Dental Implants 

Turkey has an outstanding private dental
industry. It is extremely popular for health tourism. Many patients want dental
implants in Turkey. This is due to the excellent quality of dental implants,
treatment and cheap prices available. Just read the “Dental Implants Turkey
Reviews” for yourself! Patients who are looking for
cheap dental implants abroad find Turkey a great choice. This is because it is
within 3 hours flight from nearly all of Europe and has extremely low cost
dental work. As an example you would be expected to pay up to 5x more for
dental implants in the UK!

Would you like to benefit from low-cost
dental services in Turkey? ABT  works with some of the best dentists
in the country, and we can help you to find the most experienced professionals
to provide the treatment you require. Our dentists perform some of the most
popular cosmetic procedures people want these days such as Hollywood smile,
dental implants, dental veneers, crowns and teeth whitening in Turkey. So
you’re guaranteed to locate a suitable expert when you get in touch with ABT

If you’re looking to arrange some dental
treatment such as dental veneers, Hollywood smile, dental implants in Turkey
this year, contact us and learn more about our dentists and the procedures they
can offer to you. All of our dentists use the latest technology to ensure they
always produce results that meet and exceed your expectations. Do not worry if
you feel nervous about arranging affordable dental treatment.

Why Have Your Hair
Transplant in Turkey

·   Turkey is at the
forefront of most cosmetic surgeries and procedures.

·   Their medical
industry is a world leader often setting the example in many medical fields.

·   The latest Hair
Transplant techniques (including FUE) have been used by specialists in Turkey since
their conception.

·   This means many
private hospitals and technicians have honed their craft and changed the lives
of hundreds of thousands of men and women looking to solve any hair-loss or
balding issues.


Not only are the
specialists the most experienced and talented, they also offer the same high
quality treatments as in the UK but for a fraction of the cost! Due to this the
cheaper price for a hair transplant can sometimes seem to
good to be true but there are logical reasons. Firstly the cost
of private medical fees in Turkey are
very low, as well as having much
lower labour costs. Secondly due to the strength of foreign currencies, like
the British Pound and Euro, compared to the Lira your money goes a lot further.
For example one British Pound is currently worth nearly 8 Turkish Lira. As a
result, their business costs are substantially lower and the motivation to
offer good deals to tourists is high.

As well as hair
transplants being cheap compared to patients home countries, Turkey’s
geographical location helps appeal itself to UK and EU patients. Istanbul is
only around 3 hours from London by flight, for example. Due to this, UK
patients can travel easily and quickly for a hair transplant procedure without
taking too much time out of their busy schedules.

Why are hair
transplants in the UK more expensive than Turkey?

If you have been
researching UK hair transplant cost, you may be shocked by the difference in
prices between what look like identical procedures. Conversely, you may be
wondering why procedures in countries like Turkey can be so inexpensive, and
this may lead you to wonder whether this is some type of sub-standard method of
hair restoration.

The truth is, that
great hair transplants can be had in both Turkey and the UK, and the difference
in price doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the treatment. Here’s why
the UK is so expensive compared to hair transplants in other countries:

The UK is a more
expensive place to live and work than many countries. Wages are higher, and so
are taxes. Crucially, cosmetic surgeons tend to serve the community that they
live amongst, rather than tourists. This means that they need to be located
accessibly, and to project some air of success and dignity, in order to be
taken seriously. This means that the location of the clinic is incredibly
important – and therefore expensive!

In order to serve
wealthy Cheshire clients, a surgery must be situation in Alderley Edge or
Manchester to be busy enough to sustain itself. A London clinic will bear the
brunt of the extreme rents and rates of the capital city anyway, but in order
to service the very richest clients, it must be situation in a prestigious
location such as the famous Harley Street, or in Belgravia or similar. These
are clinics at the extreme end of price, but what about the rest of them?


Now is your chance
to regrow your hair and your confidence. Hair loss and baldness are a thing of
the past. Take the first step today and find out what results you can expect!

Many patients
choose to have their hair transplant surgery in Turkey for a variety of
reasons. For example due to the level of experience and
quality of service.
Amazing deals compared to their home country. As
well as the chance to have a break and travel while you have your procedure.

Gastric Sleeve Cost UK vs Turkey?

Description: Gastric Balloon Cost

Gastric Balloon

Description: Gastric Band Cost

Gastric Band

Gastric SleeveDescription: gastric bypass surgery weight loss surgery bariatric surgery

Description: gastric sleeve surgery weight loss surgery bariatric surgery


How much does a
gastric sleeve cost in the UK? The average
gastric sleeve cost in the UK is between £7000 and £11000. This high
cost is due to many factors. The weight loss surgery market is big business.
Many patients are looking at ways to help them lose weight dramatically. This
means private hospitals can really charge what they like as people feel like
they have run out of options and have nowhere else to turn. ABT are trying to
change that by offering weight loss surgery including all forms of bariatric
surgery from service providers in Turkey. 

Weight loss surgery
in turkey can be affordable for many especially those who aren’t applicable to
have the surgery on the NHS. Gastric sleeve NHS criteria state
certain criteria that a patient must fit to receive the treatment. For example
the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is up to 70% less than
the UK. That means you can save thousands of pounds just by travelling to
Turkey. The procedure is exactly the same using the same products adhering to
all medical standards required. Also Surgeons in Turkey are extremely well
qualified and experienced. Many being the leading surgeons in
their field.

Gastric sleeve prices
vary from clinic to clinic. Some clinics may have higher running costs or other
business fees. This might mean they increase their prices in general to take
into account these extra costs. Also other clinics or hospitals may have
charitable backing or government funding meaning they can offset some of the
cost to the patient. All these and many more factors can increase or decrease
the gastric sleeve pricing for weight loss surgery worldwide.

What is important
to remember is that the gastric sleeve cost in Turkey when compared
to the UK can be huge. These savings shouldn’t be missed when considering
bariatric surgery of this kind. You could use that saving to help with post
weight loss procedures such as
arm lift surgery, tummy tuck surgery, thigh lift surgery, neck lift surgery, breast lift surgery and face lift surgery.

 Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey

Many patients choose to have their laser eye surgery in Turkey
for a variety of reasons. For example due to the level of
experience and quality of service.
Amazing deals compared to their home
country. As well as the chance to have a break and travel while you have your
procedure. It also offers privacy as you can travel abroad where no one will
know you.

Laser eye surgery is also known as refractive surgery. This
vision correction procedure improves sight and reduces the reliance on glasses
or contact lenses. There are three main types of laser eye surgery that

Lasik Eye Surgery – Uses two lasers,
one to create an incision in the surface of the cornea and another to reshape
the cornea itself.

SMILE – Where the
surgeon will reshape your cornea through a small self-healing hole.


is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is the procedure to correct vision in patients eyes. It involves reshaping the cornea, which is
the front surface of the eye. This is done with the use of high precision
lasers. The aim of this treatment is to correct vision and reduce the need or
reliance on optical devices such as glasses or contact lenses. It allows your
eyes to focus better and helps correct short-sightedness and long-sightedness,
as well as astigmatism. Patients who are opting to have laser eye surgery
should be over 18 years old and have seen little to no change in their vision
for at least two years. Lens surgery might be more suitable for anyone with a
high spectacle prescription or for patients later in life. There is an
extremely high patient satisfaction score of over 95% for laser eye surgery
treatment. It also is seen to be an extremely low risk procedure with great
results. This explains its rise in popularity over the last few decades as
technology increases and results improve.

Surface Laser
– Where the surgeon removes the layer of clear skin covering your
cornea. Laser treatment is then used to reshape the cornea and the skin grows
back naturally.

Description: See the source image

Can I
Have Laser Eye Surgery?

Patients who are opting to have laser eye surgery need to be
assessed by a fully qualified health professional. They will discuss your
options and find out what type of procedure would suit your needs. All
different types of surgery have similar results so it will be decided between
you and your surgeon what is best.

Around 90% of people don’t need any further treatment to get
maximum results. For the remaining patients they won’t see much more
improvement with further treatment as the initial procedure will greatly
improve their eyesight anyway.

Side Effects include:

Subtle Gritty Feeling – This will usually clear up within 3-6
months post procedure. It can be calmed and comforted with the use of
treatments like artificial tears.

Visual Disturbances
– Some patients will get glare from bright light, usually when in darkness.
This will normally resolve itself but can be treated successfully if required.

Red Marks – Due to
the procedure you sometimes get marks on the white bit of your eye. These will
fade and disappear after a month.

It is important to
remember that severe loss of vision is extremely rare.

are the windows to the soul, but it is the nose that is the focal point of the
face that attracts the most attention. Thus, it plays a huge role in how others
see us, and how we perceive our general appearance ourselves. Luckily, we are
living in the 21st century, and nothing is set in stone anymore. Millions of
people go under the knife every year to have nose surgery, and you can be one
of them!

at Surgery TR, we believe that it is not all about the shape and the size – it
is about the proportions of your nose comparatively to the other features that
matter. Our doctors are top professionals in their field. They are not going to
advise you to get a trendy “celebrity nose” because they know that what looks
fantastic on one face can completely ruin another. What we like to do is
enhance your natural shape to balance the proportions, while keeping your
individuality. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in a nose reconstruction
for cosmetic reasons or due to breathing problems – we are here to help!

What is
the procedure like?

a nose surgery is a serious decision – one that requires much consideration.
You need to understand that the results are going to be permanent, so you need
to really think everything through beforehand. We understand the needs of our
clients, which is why we offer online consultation free of charge! All you need
to do is send us two pictures of your nose (front and side), and one of our
specialists will design a treatment plan to suit your needs and provide you with
images of how your nose will look like after the operation. No need to pay for
a cat in the bag! You will see the results right away and know what you invest
your money in. Surgery TR packages for a nose job in Turkey include everything
you need from plane tickets to medication.

How much
does rhinoplasty cost?

is one of the most popular procedures in our clinic among international
patients. Why? Because we bring the best results at a
reasonable price.
We can guarantee that the average cost of rhinoplasty
in Istanbul or Izmir is 80% lower than the same-level surgery back at your
home. But make no mistake: a more affordable price does not mean poor quality!
We work only with the best cosmetic surgeons and technologically advanced
equipment. Contact us for more information about prices on a nose job and our
comprehensive packages for traveling patients.

Description: See the source image




What is
the tummy tuck procedure?

of people from all over the world choose to have their plastic surgery in
Turkey. Why? Because here in Surgery TR, you get access to
the best specialists at a reasonable price.
What is more, we have great
packages for international patients. The abdominoplasty cost in our clinic
includes not only the medical procedure but also flight tickets, accommodation,
lab analysis, necessary medication, an English-speaking assistant, and even
compression garments for post-surgery care.

the tummy tuck procedure, your doctor will remove the excess skin and fat as
well as tighten the abdominal walls. As a result, you will get a much leaner
midsection without any visible scars. This type of surgery typically takes
around 3 hours depending on how much tissue needs to be removed. There are 3
types of abdominoplasty:

Standard tummy tuck
In this case, the doctor will make incisions along
your bikini line and around the belly button.

Mini tummy tuck
It is recommended to patients with a small amount of
extra skin and fat as this procedure involves removing tissue only from below
the belly button. The scar will be above the pubic bone.

Extended tummy tuck
This procedure is for the patients who were previously
heavily overweight as it also includes removing saggy skin from the back.

plastic surgery tummy tuck prices vary depending on the type of procedure you
choose. Please note that you will not be able to resume your daily activities
right after the abdominoplasty. A typical hospital stay is 3 days. However, you
don’t need to put your life on hold for long. In a short week, you will be
ready to return home with a new-found confidence in your body!







Description: See the source image

Would you like to
reverse the time and have more fresh and younger look?
Eyelid operation in Turkey gives you the fresh look you used to have years ago.
ABT doctors correct the problematic areas on eyelids by performing upper eyelid
surgery in Turkey in only a couple of hours and under local anaesthetics.

If you have
problems on your lower eyelids, experienced doctors of ABT perform affordable eyebags
removal operations in Turkey to correct the lower eyelids and give you a better
look. Surgery TR provides affordable eyelid surgery in Istanbul or Izmir
Turkey. International patients choose the cities of Izmir and Istanbul in order
to fix the problematic areas around their eyes in a couple of hours. Upper and
lower eyelid operation is one of the simplest cosmetic surgery operations.
Experienced doctors of ABT are stated as best cosmetic surgery doctors in

patients travel to Turkey very often to get cheap eyelid surgery in Turkey. In
a couple of days and by paying half of what they would pay in their home
country, they achieve their new look.

If you consider to have upper – lower eyelid operations in Turkey, contact
with professional team of ABT now to get your treatment done by the best
surgeons at very affordable price.








Permanent Penis Enlargement Surgery


The procedure is
higher risk and requires six months postoperative physiotherapy with a vacuum
device to prevent delayed postoperative scarring and possible penile

A number of serious
complications are common, including a risk of erectile
dysfunction, necrosis, glans failure.

Is there anything I can do to make my
penis bigger?

There are many
treatments available that increase the size of your penis. These include:

Penoplasty/length and girth enlargement surgery

Girth surgery

HA girth injections

Collagen stimulating

The surgical
procedures increase your penis size permanently, whereas the girth injections
are only temporary and you will need top up treatments later on.

How thick can I
enlarge my penis non-surgically?

With HA or collagen
stimulating girth injections, you can increase your penis size by up to 2-5cm
in both the flaccid and erect states.

If it’s your first
time having penis fillers, we recommend you have around 10-15ml of filler so
that the best results can be achieved.

You can then return
to have top-up treatments to add more filler.

Can I enlarge my
penis without surgery?

You can increase your
penis without surgery, through penis girth injections. There are two types of
girth injection available: HA and collagen stimulating injections.

Increasing the length
of your penis isn’t possible though. Surgery will be required

How long does penis enlargement last?

Both penoplasty and penis girth surgery are permanent
procedures, so they last forever. Penis enlargement injections are more of a
temporary option. HA injections last between 1-2 years. The collagen
stimulating injections, which are suited to men over the age of 45, last
between 1-4 years.

there more than one type of penis enlargement surgery?

There are two types
of penis enlargement surgery. There is a penoplasty,
which increases both the length and girth of the penis. There is also girth
surgery, which increases just the girth of the penis.

Both types of penis
enlargement surgery create permanent results

What are the risks
of penis enlargement injections?

In every procedure,
there will be the potential of risks. Here at ABT, we give all our patients the
best care throughout their treatment.

Some of the risks
and side effects that come with penile injections are:

Lumps and bumps in
the penis (if it hasn’t been massaged after the procedure)

Bruising around the

At your initial
consultation, we will talk you through any risks and side effects that may
occur so that you’re fully prepared.


What are the risks
of having penis enlargement surgery?

With every
procedure, there may be some risks. We give all our patients the best care
throughout their treatment.

Some of the minor
risks include:

Reaction to



During your
consultation, the Urologist will talk you through any risks and concerns. They
will also help plan the aftercare process.

Penis enlargement
surgery: What to expect

After penis
enlargement surgery, either both the length and girth or just the your penis girth will be increased.

It is important to
note that results may vary and the perfect result isn’t guaranteed.

After penis
enlargement surgery you will need to be aware of the recovery period. You won’t
be able to return home on the same day and may need to stay in the hospital for
a few days to be monitored.

Will I be able to
go home after having penis enlargement?

If you are having
penis enlargement surgery, then you won’t be able to leave straight away. You
will need to be monitored to make sure everything has gone well and that there
are no complications

Are penis fillers safe?

Penis fillers are safe, as long as you have
them done professionally and with good quality fillers. we
use the highest quality fillers, which, along with our aftercare procedures,
will give you the best treatment.

Does being overweight determine whether
I can have penis enlargement surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery is possible if you
are overweight. You will need to have your overall medical history assessed
beforehand to make sure you’re fit enough for the surgery.

Everything will be discussed at your
consultation. If you need to have tests done before we can do that also, as
long as you’re fit and healthy enough for the operation

Are penis girth injections painful?

Penis girth injections shouldn’t be painful, a numbing cream is applied to the area prior to
treatment to help avoid any discomfort.

The numbing cream is applied to the area 20
minutes before the treatment.

The HA injections also contain a local
anaesthetic to ease any other pain.


Do girth injections have to be topped

Penis enlargement injections results don’t
last forever.

The HA girth injections will need to be
topped up once every 12-18 months. When you have the top up treatment, you
won’t need the full amount that you did during your first session. Usually,
only half the amount is required

How much does a Penis Enlargement cost?

Penis enlargement cost depends on which surgery
you want, whether it be just the length of the penis, the girth of the penis,
or alternatively if you have both the length and girth enlarged at the same
time if you want to find out exactly what price it is for any of these
surgeries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us

How much does the Hyaluronic acid penis
enlargement injection cost?

Generally, the Hyaluronic acid injections are
priced per ml, this means that the cost of the procedure will depend greatly on
the might of hyaluronic acid you have injected into the penis in one session.
So, the best recommendation we can give you is to come in and have a
consultation with our doctor to work out the price.


How much do collagen-stimulating penis
enlargement injections cost?

There is a wide range of collagen-stimulating
penis enlargement injections, which means that the cost of this injection will
be very much dependant on the longevity of the product. The price will be
decided by the type of injection that the doctor recommends to you.

Is the cost of the procedure the same
for each person?

There are some procedures that we do that has
a fixed cost, no matter what. However, some of the procedures we currently do
aren’t so clear cut. In simple terms, there are some people who will need
different procedures on top of the main one to achieve the results they are
looking for, and in that case, we can tailor-make a package just for them. So,
the best thing to do would be to get in touch with us

Female genital surgery: procedure and technique

Labia reduction: This procedure is performed to
reduce the size of the labia majora. Here it is necessary to remove excess
tissue as gently as possible in order to restore the harmonious proportions of
the inner and outer labia. Enlargement of the labia: This can be done
with an injection of the patient’s own fat or a special
hyaluronic acid filler. The first variant requires liposuction, in which fatty
tissue is removed from the abdomen or thighs, prepared, cleaned and inserted
into the labia, for example. The small operation can be performed under local anesthesia. Pubic mound surgery: Here, the surgeon
has two variants of the procedure at his disposal. One is liposuction from the
mons pubis and the other is an injection of phosphatidylcholine, which leads to
the dissolution of the fat cells. Enlargement of the G-spot: The
procedure is performed to increase the sensitivity and excitability of this
area near the vaginal entrance. The plastic surgeons use a hyaluron
filler to inject the area. A little surgery under local anesthesia. After all interventions you will receive
competent care and instructions for the healing phase as well as appointments
for possible follow-up checks.








Welcome! Upon your arrival to Turkey, Your private driver will pick you
up and he will be responsible of your transportation between the airport, hotel
and the hospital





Everything is perfectly pre-planned!
Your companion translator will guide you through the everyday details and will
do all the logistics for you in order to ensure your comfort


Your accommodation is pre-booked!
Your consultant will provide you a variety of luxurious Hotels to pick from...
And It is FREE !


We are just starting, but never ending!
Our medical team will be in your service for a lifetime, you will have continuous
follow-up and will answer all your questions and requests!





















We would like to introduce
you to some of  doctors
who work with us:



Prof. Öztekin OTO, FESC, FACC


Description: See the source image

Areas of Interests

CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

Minimally Invasive Heart Valve

Minimally Invasive ASD Closure

Heart & Heart - Lung Transplantation

Surgery of Congenital Heart Defects

Vascular Surgery

Treatment of Varicous
Veins with Laser

Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT)

Pioneering Atempts

In Turkey

First Heart - Lung Transplantation in

First Heart Transplantation in Child

First Video - Assisted Thoroscopic Surgery

First PDA Closure by VATS

First Domino Procedure

In World

Thoroscopic Excision of Hidatic Cyst in Lung

Minimal Invasive Excision of Hidatic Cyst in Lung


1974 -1980 Hacettepe University,
School of Medicine

1980 – 1986 Specialization Training
in Cardiovascular Surgery, Hacettepe University Department of Thoracic and
Cardiovascular Surgery (Clinical Director: Prof. Dr. Aydın AYTAÇ and Prof. Dr. Yüksel BOZER)

1986-1989 Military Service at Gülhane Military Academy Hospital and Compulsory Service at
Higher Specialization Hospital of Turkey

1989-2001 Founder President,
Cardiovascular Surgery Department, Dokuz Eylul University as Associate Professor

1890 Establishing Pediatric
and Newborn Heart Surgery Program, Dokuz Eylul University

1989-2001 Founder President of
Cardiovascular Surgery Department, Dokuz Eylül University

1993 Initiation of Routine
Ultrafiltration in Neonatal and Congenital Open-Heart Surgery in D.E.U.
Cardiovascular Surgery

1996 Assigned as Professor at the
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Dokuz Eylül University

1996 Initiation of Pediatric Minimally Invasive Heart Practices in
Cardiovascular Surgery, Dokuz Eylül

1998 First Pediatric
Heart and Lung Transplant in Turkey

2000 Starting the Minimally Invasive
Heart Surgery Program in Adults, Dokuz Eylul University

2009 Heart Transplantation Center License Renewal, Dokuz Eylül University

2011 Ministry of Health of Turkey Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Certificate

2014 – 2016 President, European
Society of Cardiovascular Surgery

2004 – Present President, Heart and
Health Foundation of Turkey

Promotions, Certificates, Awards

1970 TUBITAK Incentive Award in
TUBITAK Mathematics Competition

1973 AFS scholarship (1 Year USA)

1973 Unrequited TUBITAK Scholarship
(6 Years)

1974 Cumhuriyet High School, Ankara
“First Degree Graduation”

1973 – 1980 Deutsches
Goethe Institute German Language Certificate

2011 Best Innovative Surgeon Award,
Euro – Asian Bridge Meeting


2004 Fellow, American Society of
Cardiology (FACC)

2002 Member, European Cardiovascular
Surgery (ESCVS)

2001 Fellow, European Society of
Cardiology (FESC)

1996 Board Member, Pediatric Cardiology Society

1995 Establishment and Presidency,
National Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Association Izmir Branch

1993 Member, National Society of
Vascular and Cardiovascular Surgery

1992 Member, European Organ
Transplant Association

1992 Member, European Society of
Vascular Surgery

1992 Member, Vascular Surgery

1992 Member, European Association of
Cardiothoracic Surgeon (EACTS)

1987 Member, Turkish Society of

1987 Board Member, Association of
Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery in the Akdeniz Countries

Occupational Activities

2005 – 2020 Organization of
“International Congress of Update in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery”

23-26 March 2015 President, 64th
Congress of the European Society for Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery in
conjunction with the 11th International Congress of Update in Cardiology and
Cardiovascular Surgery

2012-2014 President, of European
Society for Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery

14 February 2011 Director of
Transplantation Institute in Dokuz Eylul University

15 April, 2010 Treasurer, European
Society for Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery

15-18 April, 2010 President, 59th
Congress of the European Society for Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery in
conjunction with 6th International Congress of Update in Cardiology and
Cardiovascular Surgery, Izmir, Turkey

2008 – 2009 1st and 2nd Training
Courses of GUCH Working Group in European Society of Cardiology in conjunction
with 4th and 5th International Congress of Update in Cardiology and
Cardiovascular Surgery

2007 ISMICS Winter Workshop
Presidency 3th International Congress of Update in Cardiology and
Cardiovascular Surgery

2007 Treasurer, Working Group of GUCH
in European Society of Cardiology

2006 Member, ISMICS Program Committee

2005 Editor, “Innovations” Journal

2005 Editor, Heart Surgery Forum

2004 Founder of Heart and Health
Foundation of Turkey

2004 Fellow of the American Society
of Cardiology (FACC)

2002 – 2004 Chairman, Working Group
of Cardiovascular Surgery in European Society of Cardiology

2001 Fellow of the European Society
of Cardiology (FESC)

2000 – 2006 European Cardiology
Society Scientific Board Member and Program Committee Member

2000 – 2002 Vice Chairman, Working
Group of Cardiovascular Surgery in European Society of Cardiology

1998 Performing the first heart and
lung transplantation in Turkey

1996 - 1997 -1998 Update in
Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Symposiums in Izmir

1998 Vice President of the
Cardiovascular Working Group of the European Society of Cardiology

1996 President of the 8th National
Vascular Surgery Congress

1995 – 1999 Local Monthly Organization
of Cardiovascular Surgery Meetings in Izmir

1996 Initiation of Minimal Invasive
Heart Surgery, Dokuz Eylül

1993 European Society of Cardiology
Cardiovascular Surgery, Working Group

1992 First Video Assisted
Thoracoscopic Surgery in Turkey

1989 6 Months House Surgeon Position
at Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Hospital

International and National Achievements

1987 Board Member of Mediterranean
Society of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

1987 Turkish Society of Cardiology

1992 Society of European

1992 Society of Vascular Surgery

1993 National Society of Thoracic and
Cardiovascular Surgery

1995 Society of European Organ

1995 National Society of Thoracic and
Cardiovascular Surgery, Founder President of Izmir

1996 Board Member, National Society
of Pediatric Cardiology

1998 Vice President of the European
Society of Cardiology Adult Congenital Heart Disease Working Group

2002 Chair of the European Society of
Cardiology Adult Congenital Heart Disease Working Group

2005 Cardiovascular Advisory to the
Board of the European Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, European Society of
Cardiology Adult Congenital Heart Disease Working Group Treasurer, Founder

2005-2020 President, International
Congress of Update in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

2009 President, European Society of
Cardiovascular Surgery Congress in Izmir

2011 Best Innovative Surgeon
(Euro-Asian Bridge Meeting)

2014-2016 European Society of
Cardiovascular Surgery, President

Editorial Board Memberships

HSF – Heart Surgery Forum


E-Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine

Program Committee Memberships

ESC – European Society of Cardiology

ISMICS International Society of
Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery Congresses

WHF – World Heart Federation

ESCVS – European Society of
Cardiovascular Surgery Congresses

UCCVS – Update in Cardiology and
Cardiovascular Surgery Congresses







Description: See the source image

Prof. Dr. Oktay Banlı
was born in Gülşehir in 1965. He graduated from Dikmen Elementary School, Sokullu
Mehmet Paşa Secondary School, and Ankara Atatürk High
School. He graduated from Ankara University Medical School in 1988. He
completed his compulsory service in Şaphane County of
Kütahya, and started his specialization in the
General Surgery Department of Erciyes University
Medical School in 1991.

Dr. Banlı became General Surgery Specialist in 1996. He worked
as an instructor at the University for a year.

He started to work
at the Ministry of Health, Etlik Specialty Hospital
in 1997. He worked for 11 years at the General Surgery Clinic and at the
Transplantation Clinic, where kidney transplantations are performed. Moreover, Banlı had been to France at various intervals during 2005-2006
for training. He had training in advanced laparoscopy and has been performing
laparoscopic morbid-obesity surgeries since 2006.

Dr. Banlı has many
publications and papers published in national and international journals. He
succeeded in the associate doctorate examination on October 18, 2007 and
received the title General Surgery Associate Professor. He was appointed as the
General Surgery Clinic Chairman at Elazığ Training
and Research Hospital in October, 2008. He resigned from his public service in
November, 2009 and has been working privately. He speaks English as a second langage and is married, with two children.

Surgeries Dr.
Banlı has been performing:

Gastric Baloon

Vertical Banded Gastroplasty (Gastric

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Gastric Bypass

o    Mini- Gastric Bypass (MGB)

o    Roux en Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB)

Duodenal Switch

Membership in Scientific Associations:

Turkish Surgeons Association

Ankara Medical Chamber

Turkish Hepato-Pankreato-biliary Surgery Association

Association of Organ Transplantation
Coordination Institutions

Association of Turkish Obesity

International Federation for the
Surgery of Obesity ( IFSO )

Dentist Deniz

Description: Dt Deniz Pehlivan'ın Profil Fotoğrafı, Görüntünün olası içeriği: 1 kişi

Deniz studied dentistry at Hacettepe
University between 2000 to 2005 He currently has his
own clinic where he does Aesthetic dentistry including implants and veneers. Deniz
also has a lot of British citizen clients and can speak English.

Implantation (DHI), also called unshaven hair transplantation, is the most

order to decide which technique is more suitable for your expectations.

 hair transplantation
technique which has been developed during the introduction

for your expectations.

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon Op. Dr Oytun Idil

Idil studied Medicine at Istanbul University and
graduated in 1994.He won an aesthetic surgery award in 2018 for male genital
aesthetics. He has been involved in over 10.000 operations including penis




Description: Naci ÇELİK Fotograf

Plastic Surgeon Dr Naci

Dr. Naci Celik is a plastic surgeon from Istanbul, Turkey who is
working privately in his own clinic. He has performed more than 5000 operations
since 2003 in the field of aesthetic surgery. He is especially famous in High-def lipoplasty, primary and
secondary rhinoplasty and breast augmentation