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SKIN BOOSTER ( profhilo, sunekos, jalupro INJECTABLE)


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Skinboosters training is ideal for those practitioners
wanting to offer a more subtle look for their clients and is
the ultimate solution for the finer lines and wrinkles which
may be difficult to treat with heavier hyaluronic acid
dermal fillers.
Fabulous for the younger client who notices the first signs
of ageing and wants skin tightening without overfilling,
and perfect for the older client wanting to achieve a more
natural look or subtle rejuvenation of the face, lips,
décolletage, and hands without over volumising.
Skinboosters allow more accuracy of treatment so it is a
great treatment for the less experienced practitioner to
learn as the delivery of filler is controlled by the device
not the practitioner, and it is excellent for the more
experienced practitioner looking for alternative solutions
for those difficult to treat areas.
Our Skinboosters training covers the theory and practical
demonstrations together with closely supervised hands on
learning using hyaluronic acid Skinboosters in order to
provide appropriate treatment for indication of:
 Chin dimpling
 Décolletage
 Forehead
 Glabella
 Hands
 Lip Rejuvenating
 Marionettes
 Neck
 Open pores
 Peri-oral lines
 Peri-ocular lines
 Skin texture problems
Our course provides the highest standard of service,
knowledge, and practice for you to gain the experience
and confidence to carry out treatment effectively
Our courses are accredited by IPHM and is also accepted by CPD Excellence. Accreditation means the certificate you receive is well recognised within the beauty industry and will allow you gain insurance from home, salon or mobile
Beauty Therapists with an NVQ 3 in Beauty Therapy // CIBTAC // CIDESCO, Dental Hygienists, Dental Therapists, Pharmacists, Paramedics, Physiotherapists, Dental Nurses
, Doctor
Enrol now and achieve an ACCREDITED new skill
Proudly share your new skill with employers, friends and
 Start your own business with professional insurance
It’s now your time to start your business!
You will receive your CPD Excellence and IPHM
accredited to apply for professional insurance
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Up to 12 months