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Mesotherapy Training Course


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The Mesotherapy Course for Doctors, Dental Professionals, Nurses or minimum level 3 beauty therapist

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment which enables the skin to absorb a targeted cocktail of injectable solutions to treat specific skin concerns. Utilising superfine injections to deliver enzymes, vitamins, hormones & plant extracts directly into the epidermis of the skin (its top layer), we can tailor injectable serums to individual skin concerns.


By opening tiny channels within the epidermis for specialised serums to be absorbed into, we can hugely increase the uptake of ingredients by the skin. When you apply a serum topically at home, you absorb around 7% of its lovely ingredients, this is increased by up to 70% when delivered via mesotherapy, a huge increase!

You can treat any skin problem with mesotherapy even fat dissolving.

you learn how serums work for special skin problems

Course contents

·        Health and safety
·        Code of practice for hygiene in beauty salons
·        The appearance of the therapist
·        Sterilisation and disinfection
·        Ergonomics
·        The environmental protection act 1990
·        Safe disposal of sharps
·        The local authority licensing application
·        Effective cleaning
·        Types of cleaning agents
·        Blood borne pathogens
·        Gloves
·        Hand washing techniques
·        Blood borne pathogens policy and procedure
·        Mesotherapy
·        Skin anatomy
·        Skin types
·        FItzpatrick scale
·        Client satisfaction
·        Contraindications
·        Who will benefit from mesotherapy
·        The technique of mesotherapy
·        Tips for patient satisfaction
·        Requirements for mesotherapy
·        Side effects of mesotherapy
·        Dark circle under eye


Our training courses have been fully accredited and insurable

We recommend to contact your current insurance provider prior to commencing this course to ensure you can add this treatment onto your existing policy.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us


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