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This Microdermabrasion training course teaches you the fundamentals to perform an effective exfoliating treatment using a Microdermabrasion Machine. 

Microdermabrasion removes the upper layers of the epidermis with an abrasive wand and vacuum suction improving the texture and tone of the skin and the ability to enhance collagen and elastin production.

• Salon Safety & Hygiene

• Consultation, planning, and preparation for microdermabrasion treatments with clients

• Preparation of workstation

• Anatomy & Physiology – skin, muscles of the face, bones of the face, Blood/lymph

• Understanding contra-indications that prevent or restrict microdermabrasion treatments

• Skin disorders 

• Demonstration of a facial

• Carrying out a microdermabrasion facial

• Providing aftercare advice for clients

• This course is for those who have a passion for beauty and would like to develop their skills further. 


Nationally recognised level 2 or 3 in beauty therapy
Level 2 in micropigmentation
Nationally recognised level 2 or 3 in A&P with industry accredited microblading qualification
Dental nurse with GDC number

• A new treatment that will attract a different clientele.

• A treatment that will complement and enhance other treatments that you offer in your clinic.

• A cost-effective quick performing treatment with immediate results for your patient, that you can combine with other clinical aesthetic treatments.


You will receive your certificate in achievement for Microdermabrasion. 


 The assessments will be in the form of written assignments and a case study.