Waxing Course( Whole body)


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This course has been broken into multiple easy to manage and information packed modules. The modules will teach you:
⦁ Get a sound understanding of hair, waxing and the benefits waxing provides.
⦁ Learn why we have hair, what its function is and the anatomy of hair to help you get a better understanding on how to remove it.
⦁ Identify the different hair removal methods you can use along with the advantages and disadvantages of each of the methods.
⦁ Learn how to conduct a client consultation correctly. Know what to ask, what forms should be completed and more.
⦁ Understand the health and safety regulations and what you need to do to ensure your client’s safety at all times.
⦁ Know how to create a professional working environment and how to keep clients’ records safely.
⦁ Learn the importance of a professional image from dress code to grooming.
⦁ Get an understanding on how to set up for each client, what written information to provide and more.
⦁ Learn about various waxes, waxing strips and spatulas. Get a good understanding on why disposable products are advantageous in this industry.
⦁ Know the precautions you should be taking when waxing clients from side effects to dealing with problems.
⦁ Learn about the skin’s function.
⦁ Understand sanitation and sanitization and why these are important in this industry.
⦁ Gain information on techniques and tips to ensure effective waxing at all times.
⦁ Learn how to wax the face, lip, chin and more.
⦁ Identify the best method to wax underarms and arms.
⦁ Know how to wax the back and chest.
⦁ Understand how to wax the legs and bikini line
⦁ Identify the best after-care solutions for your clients.
Learn what you should do when things don’t go according to plan.
What this course covers
⦁ Health, safety & hygiene
⦁ Consultation techniques
⦁ Contraindications
⦁ Different types of waxing products
⦁ Use of hot and warm wax
⦁ Alternative depilatory products and treatments
⦁ Procedure for waxing legs, underarms, lip, chin and bikini areas
⦁ Aftercare advice
What qualification will you receive?
When you have successfully completed your training course(s), you will receive a diploma certificate issued by ABT School accredited by IPHM and CPD. This not only demonstrates your commitment to the training, but also allows you to obtain Public Liability Insurance so you can start offering treatments to paying clients from home and/or mobile.
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