ABT School is committed to equipping you with the skills to establish your own clinic. Would you like to acquire Regulated & Accredited Qualifications without disrupting your current work commitments or dedicating two years to study? Opt for the highest levels of education and learn from industry experts at ABT School, a privately-owned training company offering Level 2 to Level 7 Regulated & Accredited Qualifications in the Education, Training, Beauty & Aesthetic sector.

Our mission: Empower students to enhance their confidence through a structured, professional, and creativity-focused program. We support learners throughout their careers, aiming to eliminate barriers and provide equal learning opportunities, regardless of financial status or location. Grow and develop in your chosen industry with the knowledge and skills we provide.

Our courses: Fully regulated & accredited, our courses are fast-tracked, accessible worldwide, and designed by industry experts. Easy to access, understand, and focused on creative and practical abilities, they come with continuous support before, during, and after training.

Why choose us? Dedicated to empowering students, we increase self-confidence, worth, aspirations, and attainments through carefully constructed courses. Our courses, crafted with utmost professional care, place students at the center of a productive environment encouraging individual creativity.

We understand diverse learning styles, and our dedicated staff tailor education to your personal needs. ABT School is committed to providing the required knowledge & skills with accessible beauty training that doesn’t compromise quality. Our bespoke online lessons let you study anywhere, anytime. Our center is approved to deliver Ofqual regulated and accredited qualifications. Contact us for Level 7 Aesthetic diploma training (Master Degree).

Gain regulated & accredited qualifications: Our qualifications, regulated by Ofqual, include accredited certifications by CPD Excellence and IPHM. Qualifying from our courses ensures industry insurance for starting your own business or gaining employment.

Full support: We aim to maximize your learning experience. When taking the next step in your career, ABT School is ready to answer your questions. We assist in establishing your academy, providing manuals, accreditation, relevant certificates, website creation, and comprehensive support. Contact us for pricing.


  • Nevin Tercan – International Trainer

Nevin Tercan is a distinguished international trainer renowned for expertise in a diverse array of aesthetics and beauty treatments. Her specialization encompasses advanced techniques in anti-wrinkle injections and fillers, reflecting a commitment to delivering professional excellence in the field. With a wealth of experience, Nevin Tercan stands as a trusted authority in the realm of aesthetic education, contributing significantly to the advancement of knowledge and skills in the beauty industry.

  • Maria Gam – International Trainer

Maria Gam is an international trainer especially known for her expertise in Russian lips technique.

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr Gokmen Sukgen – International Trainer

Assoc. Prof. Dr Gokmen Sukgen

Prof. Dr Gokmen Sukgen is an expert in Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Dr. Özgür Koçkar – International Trainer

Our Students: Gain Regulated & Accredited Qualifications with REAL industry experience at ABT School. We offer Level 2 to Level 7 qualifications in Education, Training, Beauty & Aesthetics, supporting you throughout your learning journey.