“ABT School is dedicated to providing you with the beauty skills to be your own boss”.

Our values

• Lifelong Support
• Trust
• Transparency
• Innovation
• Accountability
• Recognition
Our students
Would you like to gain accredited beauty qualifications without having to spend 2 years studying it? Do you want the highest levels of education and want to be educated by someone who not only is a great teacher but also has REAL industry experience? If the answer is yes, then we are ABT School is the right place. ABT School is a privately-owned training company that offers accredited and insurable nail, beauty, and education courses. We provide our students with the very best in education and aim to support them throughout their learning process.

Our Mission
We aim to empower students to increase their confidence through structured, professional, and creativity focused programmes. We aim to support learners throughout their careers. Our mission is to lift barriers to give everyone an equal opportunity to learn regardless of financial status or physical location. We provide you with the skills to become your own boss.

Our courses
Our courses are fully accredited, fast-tracked, and accessible from all over the world. Each course is designed by industry experts to provide you with everything you need to know in your chosen field. Our courses are easy to access, simple to understand, and focused on creative and practical abilities. We support our students before, during, and after their training and aim to build lifetime relationships with our students.

Why train with us
We are dedicated to empowering students by increasing their self-confidence, sense of worth, aspirations and attainments through our carefully constructed programmes. Our programmes are crafted with the utmost professional care and are designed to place students at the centre of a productive working environment which encourages individual creativity. We are everywhere
We understand that different students learn in different ways and our dedicated staff will endeavour to suit your personal needs. Put simply, ABT School is dedicated to providing you with the beauty skills to be your own boss. Our beauty training is accessible but will not compromise quality. Our bespoke online lessons will allow you to study anywhere, anytime.

Gain accreditation
Our courses are accredited by CPD Excellence and IPHM. Qualifying from our online courses will allow you to gain industry insurance to start your own business or gain employment.

You are fully supported
We aim to help our students make the most of their teaching. When you want to take the next step in your career, ABT School is here to help to answer any of the questions you may have.

We are helping you open your own academy and providing all manuals for all topics and get it accredited. We provide all relevant certificates, create your website and provide everything for you. Please contact us for pricing

Dr Maria is a Key Opinion Leader for Brazilian Bum lift with DMAE and Botox and has trained in UK and Moskow. She is the UK trainer for the aesthetic injectable skin resurfacing  and reshape system. She is also Lead Medical trainer for Aesthetic Beauty Training and trains dual stream delegates in cosmetic injectables to medical professionals and aesthetic skincare and chemical skin resurfacing.


Dr Maria is also highly experience with Mesotherapy, artistic face and body reshape.

She has  over 15 years experience also she offer bilingual training and treatmens( Russian and English)

Dr.Ercan Buyukakincak graduated from KTU Faculty of Medicine in Turkey. He was working as a Medical Doctor in Oncology, Emergency and Forensic Medicine for over 20 years when he decided to change his career. He attended Medical Aesthetic Training Course in Turkey and in the UK. He has a natural talent in aesthetic. Dr.Ercan Buyukakincak has a good eye for detail. He is currently working as a Medical Aesthetic injectable pratitioner trainer in Aesthetic Beauty Training School

Dr.Taner Aydın graduated from Gülhane Faculty of Medicine. He is a specialist doctor and worked as a lecturer at Gülhane Medical Faculty. He has his own clinics in Turkey and England. He has more than 30 years of experience in sports injury treatments, acupuncture and manual therapy. He works as an aesthetic and general health trainer at Abtschool. He specializes in teaching IV Drip, PRP and injectable treatments.

Gonul Ceylan has been working as a beauty practitioner over 25 years in both Australia and the UK. She owns various beauty and aesthetic salons in London. She has been working as a beauty, semi-permanent makeup and aesthetic trainer in Abtschool. She is a native English and Turkish speaker.

He has over 20 years of experience in gynaecology with a specialist focus area in genital aesthetics. During his career he has carried out numerous research projects and written numerous articles in the field of genital health.