“ITCGA” “International Training Center of Genital Aesthetic”

Our school, headquartered in London, has a mission to develop high quality and standardization at an international level in “Genital Aesthetics and Cosmetic Gynecology”.

We are very excited about the participation of our trainees, who want to make themselves known at an international level, in our “international course” organized in various countries of the world.

In order to provide high quality education in these courses, our participation is limited to 10 trainees.

In our training, we have about 10 hours of intensive video and interactive theoretical training and it does not leave any area that is not talked about or discussed.

And then there is Hands-On training in practical training.

With live surgical training, each participant performs one-on-one surgery and every field of current genital aesthetics and cosmetic gynecology is handled carefully.

In this course;
☆Vaginal Thread Application
☆Microfat and Nanofat Lipid Filler Transfer
☆PRP Applications (Vulvar Erogenous Network Applications)
☆Hyaluronic acid Applications
☆ Laser Rejuvenation Applications
☆Genital Mesotherapy Applications

It is done with all the details.

One of the features of our courses, which are highly appreciated by the participants, is the commitment to CPD (Continue Professional Development), that is, “Continuous Professional Development”.

CPD is an internationally recognized independent British Education Accreditation Agency.

With CPD accreditation, Professionals have a holistic commitment to develop their personal skills and competences throughout their careers.

In other words, education begins, but development continues.

IPHM is the world’s largest independent professional accreditation body, awarded by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine board.

In this way, the training methods, courses, skills and therapies of the Professionals are accepted and approved internationally.

With CPD and IPHM accreditation, it is aimed that professionals working around the world do their jobs at the highest standards.

Our aim is to achieve and maintain “high standards” in education and to “REGISTER” the worldwide awareness of physicians in the field of “Genital Aesthetics and Cosmetic Gynecology” in the international arena.

See you in new trainings with ITCGA…

Associate Professor Dr. Gokmen Sukgen,MD

International Genital Aesthetics and Cosmetic Gynecology Trainer, London,UK