Assoc. Professor Dr. MD, PhD


Obstetrics & Gynecology
Urogynecology & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery International Genital Aesthetic & Cosmetic Gynecoology Trainer

Associate Professor Doctor Gokmen Sukgen, MD, PhD, is an obstetrician and gynecologist and has specialized in urogynecological pelvic reconstructive surgery, gynecologic laparoscopic surgery and genital aesthetics throughout his 23-year career.

His particular interest in Urogynecological Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery has given him the opportunity to cure numerous interesting and sophisticated cases.

Having cured more than 5000 cases surgically, Dr. Sukgen has advanced experience in this respect.
By actively being involved in countless national and international conferences, training sessions, and seminars, he has shared his both academic and surgical experiences with his colleagues.

He has regularly been invited to deliver lectures in international academic gatherings in the fields of Urogynecological Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery and Genital Aesthetics Surgery.

Furthermore, he holds the distinction of being the founder and trainer of the internationally renowned, London-based Genital Aesthetics School “International Training Center of Genital Aesthetic’’ (ITCGA), the pioneer of trends in the field of ‘Genital Aesthetics and Cosmetic Gynecology’.

The concept of genital aesthetics should not be viewed merely in terms of aesthetic considerations. Many women experience problems in the genital area either resulting from postpartum trauma or owing to genetic causes, and this situation has negative effects on women not only in their sexual life but socially and psychologically as well. Most of the surgeries performed under the name ‘genital aesthetics’ are not solely for aesthetic purposes. They also aim at fixing functional and anatomical abnormalities.

ITCGA’ mission is to provide world-class, high-quality training to trainees from all over the world who have a special interest in Genital Aesthetics and Cosmetic Gynecology.

As an internationally accredited “Genital Aesthetic and Cosmetic Gynecology” trainer within the ITCGA, Dr. Sukgen regularly gives hands-on training in the field of Genital Aesthetics and Cosmetic Gynecology, and thanks to these trainings, he has been contributing to the international registration of his colleagues. In addition, Dr. Sukgen is the editor of Genital Aesthetics in the journal of the ‘International Society of Pelviperineology (ISPP)’

Dr. Sukgen has membership in:
• Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (RCOG),
• International Urogynecology Associaton (IUGA) ,
• Turkish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (TJOD),
• European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE)
• The Association of Urogynecology And Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery
• The International Society for Pelviperineology (ISPP)

Dr. Sukgen has always cherished the philosophy of providing a tailor-made and high quality health care and devoted himself to both self-improvement and the improvement of the well-being of his patients.

Genital HA fillers are a type of dermal filler procedure performed for aesthetic purposes in the genital area. This procedure is commonly chosen to address aesthetic concerns in the vaginal region or to achieve a more youthful and fresh appearance in the genital area.

Genital whitening is a cosmetic procedure where individuals seek to lighten the color of the genital skin to achieve a more even tone. This type of procedure is often chosen based on personal aesthetic preferences or beauty standards.

Genital PRP-filler procedure is commonly chosen to enhance sexual satisfaction, improve the quality of genital skin, or address issues such as urinary incontinence. During the procedure, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is typically extracted from the patient’s own blood, processed, and then injected or applied to the genital area.

Vaginal dryness is a common issue, often experienced by women during the menopausal period. It results from a reduction in vaginal mucosal moisture and can lead to discomfort, pain, itching, and an increased risk of infection during sexual intercourse.

Genital mesotherapy is a medical procedure applied to the genital region for sexual health and aesthetic purposes. This treatment aims to renew the skin, improve tone, and enhance tissue quality in the vaginal area. It is commonly chosen to address sexual function issues, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, vaginal tightening, and aesthetic concerns.

Genital rejuvenation refers to a set of medical procedures or surgical interventions aimed at addressing aesthetic or functional issues in the genital region. These procedures are chosen to improve the outer appearance and functionality of the genital area.

Genital wrinkle treatment typically involves medical procedures or surgical interventions to address aesthetic or functional concerns related to wrinkles in the genital region. Wrinkles in the genital area may result from skin sagging, loss of elasticity, or other factors.

Pubic area fat reduction, also known as Venus mound fat dissolving, involves cosmetic procedures designed to reduce excess fat in the pubic or Venus mound area. These procedures are chosen when individuals are bothered by accumulations of fat in this region.

Painful sexual intercourse, medically referred to as “dyspareunia,” can arise from various causes. It manifests as discomfort, burning, irritation, or pain during sexual activity. The cause of painful sexual intercourse can be vaginal dryness, vaginal muscle spasms, endometriosis, vulvodynia, or other medical issues.

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